Re-Write for “Proud To Be Your Dad” Touches Hearts

13351141_1062538660481952_455133169_oWe have had so many friends and fans comment to us how our song, “Proud To Be Your Dad” has meant so much to them. Many have shared their story of being a step-parent or having a step-parent. Earlier this year, we were asked to help a step-dad show his love for his step-daughter in a very special way. Let’s let Rick explain:
“In  early spring we were performing in Pennsylvania and after the show, a man and woman came up to me and said they loved ‘Proud to be Your Dad.’  The man, Rick McAllister, told me he had three boys of his own and three stepdaughters, one of which was getting married in a few months and he wanted a special song for their father daughter dance, and he wondered if there would be any chance I could re-write the song so that it referred to a step-daughter. I said I would try so when I got home, I called up my good fiend Ryan Roberts and we sat down and put this version together. We literally wept through the verses as we re-wrote the song….it was perfect!  When we finished the demo and sent it to Rick’s wife, Mindy, she said he cried like a baby through the entire song. That was so incredible to hear, because that is how music should move people, and a songwriter can only hope that their music has that much impact.  And so, the song was done…the wedding happend and the daughter had no idea what was coming until Rick McAllister took the mic and announced the song, asking for his step-daughter’s hand as they danced their father- daughter dance.  The song was renamed, ‘Alyssa’s Song’ to mark the occasion.”
We hope you enjoy this new version of “Proud To Be Your Dad (Alyssa’s Song).”